Build Your Own Breakfast
6:30am-10:30am Monday- Friday 

9am-2:30pm Sundays 

Put any of the breakfast items on biscuit, bagel, toast or as side items. 

Biscuit -$1, Bagel-$2
 2 Pieces of Toast- $1.50

 Jams, Jellies and Honey-$.75
Montgomery’s Urban Hives  Honey
Cahawba House Apple Butter
Organic Maple Syrup
Hornsby Farms Blueberry Jalapeno
Hornsby Farms Strawberry Jalapeno
Hornsby Farms Bramble (All the berries)
Hornsby Farms Blackberry
Hornsby Farms Raspberry Ghost Pepper  

Protein- $2
Conecuh sausage

Scrambled eggs
Apple wood smoked bacon

Add on
Fried chicken patty  3.00
Breakfast  gravy 1.00
Veggies of the day  .25
 Fried green tomato .75
Cheddar cheese .50
Cream cheese .25
Pimento cheese .75
Goat cheese .75

Breakfast Specials
Cinnamon Beignets $2
Yogurt parfait  $4
Cheese grits $3
Fruit bowl-$2